Chicken Innards Roulade

By Madalina Voicu / April 13, 2015


Here in Romania we are cooking a traditional dish for the Easter meal. It is called “drob de miel” – “lamb haggis” and it is usually made of lamb. But as we are not so fond of lamb, I use chicken instead.

It is a spring dish, as it contains a lot of greens that lead to a flavory combination. It looks like a roulade and I will show you step by step how to prepare it. It is very tasty and, although I usually don’t eat meat, I enjoy a “drob” slice every Easter. It is the only time of the year we are cooking this dish.

So, this is what you will need.

26 oz chicken gizzard
26 oz chicken liver
3 small carrots
14 oz fresh mushrooms
1 fresh bunch of parsley
1 fresh bunch of dill
6 green onions
6 green garlic
7 medium raw eggs + 4 hard boiled eggs
2 tbps butter
2 tbsp dried thyme
salt and pepper to taste

Makes: 16 servings
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour

Place the innards into a pot and boil them until cooked through.


Use a food processor to chop the chicken liver and gizzard and mix them together.


Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Sprinkle the thyme.


Use the food processor for the carrots, as well, and add them to the mixture.


Slice the mushrooms and place them over the carrots.


Chop the parsley



the dill



the onions



and the garlic. In the spring we use green garlic instead of garlic cloves. It has a milder taste and it fits perfectly in this dish. But you may replace it with 5-6 garlic cloves, they work as well.



Mix all the ingredients well.


Add 3 eggs at a time, 6 eggs in all.


And the butter.


Stir well until the mixture becomes wet, sticky and soft.


Grease 2 baking trays with butter or a cooking spray and preheat the oven to 430ºF.

Now I will show you how to assemble the roulade.

Put a thin layer of the mixture on the bottom of the baking dish and place the boiled eggs on top of it. I’ve dyed the eggs for Easter and some of them broke. I’ve decided to use them for the “drob”. So never mind their color: for the yellow one I’ve used turmeric, for the brown one, yellow onion leaves and for the blue one, red cabbage leaves.


Cover the eggs with another layer of the meat mixture.

Beat the 1 egg left and brush the roulade. This way it will be golden when the cooking time is over.


Place the baking trays into the oven and cook for about 1 hour.

Cut into slices and serve with green onion and radishes. Or other fresh vegetables. Yes, the keyword is “fresh” 🙂 It is spring, we should take adavantage of all the greens the nature has to offer.


Along with the natural dyed Easter eggs




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