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Chicken Innards Roulade

By Madalina Voicu / April 13, 2015

Here in Romania we are cooking a traditional dish for the Easter meal. It is called “drob de miel” – “lamb haggis” and it is usually made of lamb. But as we are not so fond of lamb, I use chicken instead. It is a spring dish, as it contains a lot of greens that […]


Thyme and Basil Baked Potatoes

By Madalina Voicu / April 10, 2015

What can be easier to prepare for lunch then some potatoes? Although they seem such a common food, they can be cooked in various ways so they get different taste and flavors. I know, if you asked my kids, they would say they prefer french fries or mashed potatoes. Which is good up to a […]


Tomato Soup with White Quinoa

By Madalina Voicu / April 6, 2015

I love the smell of fresh tomatoes in summer. I love to pick them from the haulm and hold them for a while, inspiring their flavor. I love the way they melt into your mouth and their sweet and delicate taste. Well, what can I say? I simply love tomatoes. And I miss them very […]


Vegetarian Moussaka

By Madalina Voicu / March 29, 2015

Have you ever discovered a food that you would like to eat over and over again? Well, I have. I simply adore the moussaka in all its forms: with meat or no meat, with potatoes or no potatoes, with eggplants.. It doesn’t matter. All variations are good. The recipe I cooked today is new and, […]