What Are GMOs and Why They Aren’t So Great

By John Hoff / October 31, 2016

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and is the process in a laboratory where the DNA from one species, such as fish, are merged into the genes of some other plant or animal. This usually involves transferring viruses and/or bacteria from one species to another. If that seemed confusing, watch this very insightful video: So […]

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Just Because Something Is ‘Gluten-Free’ Does Not Mean It Is Good For You!

There are two extremes on the gluten-free continuum… Completely unprocessed, whole foods… Real food which are naturally gluten free. And on the other extreme – the commercially available, manufactured ‘gluten-free’ range of foods. The first is, I believe, healthy… a natural diet of gluten-free foods – fresh grass-fed meat, well-sourced (with minimal contamination) fish, organic […]

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