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14 Awesome (BBQ) Cooking Tips Experience Has Taught Me

By John Hoff / September 21, 2014

A number of years ago a few friends and I took a road trip to go skiing and snowboarding in Brian Head, Utah. We rented a cabin which had a full kitchen and one morning my friend Jason cooked everyone scrambled eggs. But I noticed he was doing something I’ve never seen before…


Different Types of Grills and What To Think About Before Buying One

By John Hoff / August 20, 2014

In this article we’ll discuss gas grills, charcoal grills, and pellet grills and give a few tips to think about before buying one. I love grilling and barbecuing. But no matter how many websites I look at, showrooms I visit, or competitions I attend… I’ll never see every type of grill and smoker out there. […]


Grill Marks Are Pretty, But Not What We’re After

By John Hoff / July 14, 2014

A few years back my in-laws were over at our house for a barbecue. I remember standing at the grill having a conversation with my mother-in-law when for a moment our conversation paused as she let her husband know how cool it was that I was carefully moving the steaks around so that they had […]

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